Oral Health Tips for Kids

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Oral Health Tips for Kids

Oral Health Tips for Kids

You know how important your smile is to you as an adult. It can open doors for you and boost your self-confidence. You want those same benefits for your child, too. So, what’s the best way to guarantee a healthy adult smile? By encouraging good oral hygiene practices for your child at a young age. Following are some tips to get you started!

Start Encouragement at a Young Age

The single most important protection against bacteria growth at any age is oral hygiene. Just as you know that brushing and flossing twice a day is good for your oral health, encourage excellent oral hygiene for your child, too. Remember, your little one is never too young to start healthy practices.

Limit the Sugar

You probably already know the pitfalls of sugar, but it bears mentioning again that it’s always a good practice to monitor sugar intake when it comes to dental health in children since the sweet treat attracts bacteria that release caustic fluids in your child’s mouth.

Water, Water, Everywhere

We get it. Kids love to drink sugary drinks like juices and sodas. But these, too, should be limited for the same reasons already mentioned – sugar! Instead, encourage more water consumption. Not only is the practice vital to the function of your little one’s body, but it also helps to flush their mouth to manage any remaining debris.

It’s Not Bribery. . . It’s a Reward System

Every child needs positive reinforcement. One way to accomplish this with oral health is to offer rewards when they maintain their oral hygiene routine and select healthier foods to eat, such as fruits and vegetables. If you want added protection while your child is developing their good dental practices, ask Dr. Pariana.  This way, it’s easier to make dental visits an anticipated event for them.

At Signature Smiles Dentistry

We have an experienced staff that has spent years learning the best methods to provide optimal oral care to patients of any age. Treating a child’s oral health is not always an easy task, yet we provide gentle and respectful care to allow your child’s appointment to not only run smoothly but to make them look forward to the next one, too!